Mission Statement

    Our mission at Into the Blue Yoga is to provide each student with all of the support and guidance they need in order to safely and happily begin or expand their individual yoga practice. Our highly trained, intuitive, and nurturing teachers strive to meet each student wherever they are in their yoga journey on any given day, providing students with options to modify poses with yoga props as needed. This support will allow students to find their own expression of each yoga pose, including students with some physical limitations.

    Our new location in a charming, historic building in downtown Springfield has a street-level entry, beautiful natural light, hardwood floors, and lots of space for practicing yoga. The studio is equipped with yoga mats, blankets, straps, blocks, high-quality bolsters, eye pillows for restorative poses, and additional specialty props. 

    Students are welcome to use any yoga props that help them to find ease in their practice. It’s all included in the cost of a class or workshop. Into the Blue Yoga also offers complimentary herbal tea and bottled water, as well as healthy snacks.

    We hope that Into the Blue Yoga will become your yoga home, that you’ll feel a sense of peace and happiness the moment you walk in the door, and that you’ll carry that calm, grounded feeling back into your everyday activities, feeling ready for anything life brings your way.

    Benefits of Yoga

    The following are some of the many benefits of yoga. The more consistently you practice yoga, the more benefits you will reap!

      Physical Benefits
    • Improved strength and muscle tone
    • Pain relief (including low back pain)
    • Better physical function
    • Improved focus/increased attention span>
    • Easier maintenance of a healthy body weight
    • Improved sleep/Less insomnia
    • Boosted libido
    • Lower levels of inflammation in the body
    • Better immunity
    • Healthier, more flexible spine
    • Lowered risk factors for heart disease (specifically through deep relaxation and breathing practices)
    • Healthier joints/Increased range of motion
    • Lowered blood pressure (students with high blood pressure should consult their doctor before practicing inversions)
    • Relief of symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, memory problems, depression, anxiety, and insomnia
    • Improved balance/Propriception (sense of the body in the space it occupies)
    • “Younger-looking” DNA – increased telomere length preservation
    • Ability to stave off age-related cognitive decline (through yoga and meditation practice)

      Emotional/Mental Benefits
    • Stress reduction
    • Improved confidence/better body image
    • Increased acceptance of body/Improved sense of self-worth
    • Increased sense of compassion for self and for others
    • Improved sense of belonging, sense of community, feeling supported
    • More mindful eating practices (due to increased awareness in the present moment and a desire to be kind to the body)
    • Improved relationships
    • More positive outlook on life/Increased optimism (helps with depression)
    • Greater sense of calm and equanimity
    • Emotions and reactions are more even-keeled, less volatile
    • Better mood/increased feelings of well-being
    • In addition to all of the benefits listed above, there are specific yoga poses to address symptoms of depression, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestion issues, fatigue, flat feet, headaches, blood pressure issues, infertility, insomnia, menopause, menstruation, neck pain, back pain, osteoporosis, sciatica, sinusitis, stress, and weight loss, and many other ailments and conditions!

      There are so many fantastic reasons to come to your mat as often as you can!

    Yoga Studio Etiquette

    In order to ensure that you and all other students in class have the best experience possible at Into the Blue Yoga, here are a few things you should know before attending a class:

    • Please arrive for class at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin, to allow yourself time to set up and settle in before class starts. If you do arrive a few minutes late, wait quietly outside the door until the students and teacher have finished with the centering practice and the students have begun to move.
    • Please remove your shoes before entering the practice space. You are welcome to wear socks during warm-ups, but we recommend practicing yoga in bare feet. Please turn off your cell phone before entering Into the Blue Yoga Studio, and leave it outside of the practice space.
    • Please respect the other students’ need for quiet in the practice space, and enter the room mindfully. Quietly unroll your mat and gather your props for class.
    • Come to practice with an empty stomach, if possible.
    • If you bring a water bottle into class, please keep the lid tightly closed to avoid spills.
    • Bring your own mat if possible. If you borrow a mat, please clean it thoroughly with wipes provided.
    • Wear comfortable clothes. Layers are best, and clothing that fits close to the body will provide good coverage and keep you more comfortable when practicing inversions.
    • Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, essential oils, or strongly scented lotions to class.
    • Ask questions about anything that is not clear to you. You may ask during class when appropriate or after class.
    • If you have a health issue or concern (illness, injury, or medical condition), please notify your teacher before class. Not every pose is appropriate for every student.
    • Try to let go of the competitive mindset. Yoga is noncompetitive. It is not just a workout, it is not just techniques for relaxation, and it is not just cross-training. It is a complete mind-body-spirit practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible, and generally much healthier. The purpose is to calm the mind, open the heart, and stimulate our mind-body-spirit evolution.
    • Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting where you are in your practice on any given day. It is just fine to come out of a pose before the teacher instructs you to come out. The practice of yoga does not involve “gutting it out” or “no pain, no gain”. To the contrary, the body will respond beautifully when you show it kindness, acceptance, and love. Rest sometimes. Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are.
    • No previous experience or degree of flexibility is required to practice yoga. Yoga is for EVERYONE.
    • Stay for the entire class. If you need to leave early, tell the teacher beforehand and exit before final relaxation.
    • Most classes end with the teacher saying “Namaste”, and the students repeating it back to the teacher. The word “Namaste” can be translated to mean “The light in me honors the light in you”, and is a warm and respectful way to say “We are all one”.


    • Intro Class: $10
    • Drop-in Class: $12
    • Intro 3-Class Pass: $25
    • Monthly Unlimited Class Pass Auto-Renew: $50/month (12 month contract)
    • Monthly Unlimited Class Pass (no contract; good for one month from purchase date): $70
    • Workshops: The cost of workshops and special sessions varies depending on the length of the specific event. Please see the descriptions of individual workshops and sessions on the WORKSHOPS page for more information.

    Workshop prices

    The cost of workshops and special sessions varies depending on length of class/session. Please see the detailed descriptions of the workshops and special sessions on the SCHEDULE page for detailed descriptions, including cost.